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Brave The Strange - Release Date April 21, 2017


Robert Wynia

  • Brave The Strange (April 21, 2017)
  • Iron By Water (2011)


  • A Part Of Something (2003)
  • Train out of Time (2008)


  • Sink (1994)
  • Glyph (1995)
  • Angels in the Flesh...Devils in the Bone (1998)
  • The Great Release (1999)
  • Burning Sosobra (2000)
  • Live at the Aladdin (2001)
  • Alter (2002)
  • Acoustics (2004)
  • Lives (2004)
  • Stone By Stone (2007)
  • Acoustic at the WOW (2008)
  • Wake (2010)

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Robert Wynia is a native son of the Western US. Born in Oregon, he has been performing and writing all his life. He has been voted Best Male Performer, Best New Artist, and Performer of the Year in Eugene and Portland, been inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame, and has received two preliminary Grammy nominations for his work with his band "Floater." He has appeared in numerous radio, television and web-based shows and has traveled extensively on tour.

With his debut solo release "Iron by Water," Wynia created an atmosphere of open plains, shadowed woods and remote towns, and filled those landscapes with hook-laden melodies of obsession, love and hope for redemption. "Iron by Water" weaves a tapestry in rhythms and film-score style music, with enough pop sensibility to keep the listener wanting more. The fusion of alt-country, pop, blues and rock is hard to pigeon-hole, but easy to lose yourself in from the first listen.

His newest release, "Brave the Strange" is a lush, cinematic musical journey through songs of lost love, addiction, and the struggle to find your way. It represents the bold collaboration of Wynia as producer with co-producer Daniel Riddle (King Black Acid), who brings his illustrious career with movie soundtrack production to the album's sonic palette. Recruiting the talents of some of the Northwest's best known and most talented musicians, "Brave the Strange" features a rich array of organic instruments and layers of sound that pull the listener in. The deeply personal and heartfelt vocals move effortlessly from sparse guitar and voice passages to grand orchestral tidal waves of sound, all the while drawing you further and further in. The drums and electric guitar often times sitting back and simply providing a comfortable canvas for the voice and other gathered instruments to paint.

Robert Wynia currently resides in Portland, Oregon, where he is a musician, producer, and performer in numerous projects.




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Typhon Records
PO Box 86205 Portland, OR 97266

Elemental Records, Inc
PO Box 55771, Portland, OR 97238


By Hits in the Sticks

Robert Wynia – Here I Am

Robert Wynia is from Portland, Oregon. His sophomore album ‘Brave the Strange’ touches on topics of “lost love, addiction, and the struggle to find your way.” His song “Here I Am” is the latest release from his album.

“Here I Am” sounds like a journal entry – purely honest. All in all, the song feels like the actual journey to coming to self-acceptance. Wynia puts himself completely out there as he powerfully states, “I can be loved/ I can be hated/ Here I am,” in the hook. The commanding lyrics are accompanied by a frenzy of instruments that sound like a revelation after a while of trying to sort through a stream of insecurities. “Here I Am” is an unavoidable presence that you don’t want to turn away from and it’s that little bit of encouragement you need to get through the day. Essentially, it’s a rock and roll way to tell off any haters.

Be sure to check out “Here I Am” by Robert Wynia and keep an eye out for his album ‘Brave the Strange’ out on April 21st!

By Alex Steininger, In Music We Trust

"Floater's Robert Wynia goes solo on Iron By Water, his first solo album. Trading in the bass for an acoustic guitar, and Floater's driving melodies for meditative grooves, Iron By Water is a thirteen song collection of deeply moving, introspective, and poetic folk-based pop-rock songs that can equally tear at the heartstrings while soothing the soul. With his enchanting voice and delicately beautiful words, Wynia delivers the intensity and passion that Floater fans have grown to love, without the loud rock behind him, which is no small feat for any songwriter, especially one so acclaimed and revered by his adoring rock fans. Iron By Water does not disappoint; rather, it fully elaborates on the roads Wynia has paved with Floater acoustic albums, traveling further down his folk leanings, and delivering every note with the same bit of passion and urgency. Iron By Water may seem like a departure, but it's an extension of a songwriter that has proven over the years to be in tune with not only his fans, but also his heart."

By Willamette Week - Wynia Floats On Alone

It is a testament to an artists abilities when he or she can continue to change, evolve, and subvert the formula that made them successful without alienating their fan-base. Rob Wynia, lead vocalist and primary songwriter of Floater, continues to do just that both with his band, and now with his solo debut Iron By Water.

Fresh off touring behind last years Floater release Wake, Wynia has wasted no time getting right back out there on the road ® and as usual hes making Eugene, his former home, a tour stop. This time hes promoting a collection of quiet intimate songs more along the lines of Floaters acoustic experimentation than their arena-rocking tendencies. And appropriately hes chosen Sam Bonds Garage over Eugenes bigger and less intimate venues.

While words like "radio-friendly” were used to describe Wake, words like "darkly beautiful,” "soulful,” "simple” and "stark” are being used to describe Wynias first solo outing. On Iron By Water, his trademark emotive vocals are backed by lap steel guitar, violin, and cello in arrangements ranging from bluesy to operatic.

In the past when Floater unplugged their distortion pedals, Wynia has shown that he's an adept singer-songwriter who rides the line between folk rock and the ballad vibes of post-haircut Metallica. Floater fans might be biting their nails to find out if this solo outing means the end of their beloved band, but anyone who's followed Wynia's career knows to expect the unexpected.

By Cravedog

Robert Wynia's solo CD is soulful, powerful and sounds really amazing loud. Highly recommended